Saturday, 5 March 2011

#4 - Crime Doesn't Pay (Even at Self Checkout)


  1. I asked Ušo whether he did not fear the thief grabbing his gun again after the guy in the mirror dropped it.
    He told me he did not, because at that time the thief would already see, in the mirror, the police cars coming, and would be perplexed by the British police using left-hand drive cars.
    And I though: Oh, is it Toluene, what Ušo is "smoking" bubbles of?

  2. Ušo and Toluene? Never. The bubbles are surely from some eco-friendly dishwashing liquid. (-:B

    I heard there will be comic with Lulu washing dishes soon. And that is in my opinion a complete nonsense, because Ušo is the dishwashing expert who knows which dishwashing liquid is the best for making bubbles. (-:B