Saturday, 26 March 2011

#7 - Reduce - Reuse - Cycle


  1. A lovely pun in the title! (So well hidden I missed it at the first reading.)
    Lulu has a great bike, apparently the same make as Ušo. Only she does not have the rear view mirror -- which of the two bikes is the newer model?
    Also, was all the old pottery broken by Ušo when dish-washing? At least it looks like he finally spares every second piece to be broken, knowing it would go below cars instead of bikes. (-:B

  2. They bought the bikes together, but Ušo insisted on a rear view mirror for his to be able to brush his teeth while cycling. :)
    They share the blame for the broken pottery fifty-fifty, but unfortunately Lulu is washing dishes just once in a month and Ušo every day. (-:B