Saturday, 16 April 2011

#10 - Shopping Spree

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  1. Does Ušo plan to participate in the new Olympics "157 metre running with carrots" event? And what about Lulu and "162 metre with a skipping rope without a skipping rope"? She appears to be a Zen-runner: without her ponytail flying, she keeps up with Ušo, who swings his basket with carrots and has the ears bent by the wind. How did she learn that?
    Also, the Adult Cereal rack reminds me of one time in Ušákov, when I visited a modern-art grocery shop, and bought some very tasty Breakfast Surreal. Then I rode home on my bicycle, and suddenly an elephant crossed my way. I tried to break fast, but nevertheless things became really surreal. Only when the elephant and me finished the box I had bought, everything went back to sureally real.