Sunday, 13 November 2011

#39 - Braking into Store


  1. Ušo has a uniform attitude to shopping -- he only does it when necessary. He would not buy food unless he is hungry, so he does not buy brakes unless he is no more satisfied with stopping by crashing into the shop's counter. How dirty would he have to get in order to buy the mudguards as well? And I guess he considers buying a helmet a luxury, given he is missing the part of head which is usually covered by a helmet. (-:B

  2. The only dirt available was already used for the game bird camouflage in #37 so there is no need to buy mudguards. :)
    Thank you for the suggestion with a helmet, I surely want to promote safety cycling. I know the helmet looks a bit unsafe without the side strap, but his ears are coming through the helmet so I thing it is placed pretty securely on his head. :)